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“Exclusive Web Design For Making Money in 2013″

Dear Fellow Business Owner…

Have you previously spent hundreds or thousands of dollars designing a web site for your business? Maybe you hired an expensive designer?  Maybe you spent hours trying to design one yourself?

Many businesses and even web design firms think web design is as simple as creating a good looking web page, picking out fonts and colors, adding a few images and calling it a day.  Our experience has shown us that there is a fundamental mistake in how businesses go about their online or internet marketing campaigns.

“So What is this Vital Mistake that is Costing you Hundreds or even Thousands Of Dollars In Lost Profits?”
Many business mistakenly assume that because they have a website, people are going to automatically find them.

But what good is having a beautiful website, if your customers can’t find you in the huge desert that is Google?

According to the latest figures, there are at least 8.35 billion pages on the internet. And as the internet continues to expand every day, the need to stand out is getting more and more important. Not only do you need a beautiful, professional website, but it needs to be designed that you can quickly rank on the first page for Google.

This doesn;t mean ranking for your business name, as this is easy, and usually automatic,  Instead you need to be ranking for the “buyer keywords” which help to drive highly qualified leads or prospects to your website.

Whether your business is a veteran or a newbie when it comes to internet marketing at Toronto Online Marketing we understand how difficult it can be to run a successful online marketing campaign. We understand that in order for your company to survive in the online world, you need a brand that’s as dynamic as the changing marketplace.

Therefore in order to succeed you need to “Purchase your web design from the company that continues to create professional & search engine friendly Small Business Websites and drives them to the top of Google…”

At Toronto Online Marketing we build businesses websites that are going to generate you profits quickly and efficiently.  Our websites are proven to make money and generate a high ROI, even in a tough economy!

This is why we don’t just stop after we build your site. Our design services are offered on an ongoing basis, as we continually tweak your website’s design to ensure it stays on top of the searches engines. Our expert web designers have been building websites for over 12 years! And our constant split testing and insider mastermind groups allow us to stay up to date on the dynamic algorithm changes occurring with the major search engines.

What You Get With a Toronto Online Marketing Web Design Package
Professional, attractive websites designed with SEO, Social Media and the end user in mind

We conduct regular analysis of user behaviour to optimize your site’s performance with your preferred market in mind.

We Streamline Your Web Design Process and Start Connecting Your Business With Customers Making You More Money… Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Yes! Toronto Online Marketing, Please contact me regarding designing a web site for my business.