Reputation Management Toronto

How can you influence online opinion and get good reviews to gain market value and increase your brand awareness?

Your Online Reputation is the yardstick by which potential customers will measure how good your services are. If you can ensure that people online – which include your past and current customers – are saying great things about you, then it’s only a matter of time before new customers start to believe what they hear online. They will trust your services even before they have tried them.

Good online reviews build amazing brand credibility.

What’s the first thing someone does when they have to buy a product or service? They search for your brand online and read what others are saying about you. Great brands have no shortage of great reviews online. How do they generate so much goodwill? By offering products and services that not only ensure customer satisfaction but also elicit and engender customer reaction. Of course, this can generate good reviews but it cannot eliminate negative reviews.

In spite of high service excellence standards, sowing the seeds of doubt in the consumer’s mind has always been easy. A negative news story could be the result of an unfortunate and inadvertent error in getting the wrong facts or it could be a blatant attempt to start a smear campaign by a competitor or it could be just a mischievous prank employed by an attention-seeking rival. In the current online scenario, what a customer see online influences his opinion more than anything else. Never before has the credibility of user generated reviews been so strong, sometimes even trumping an expert’s opinion.

How do bad reviews affect your brand?

Even a single bad review can sway a potential customer away from your brand and can set in motion a chain reaction of negative opinions and discussions.  The chain reaction can grow in size and stature so rapidly that it has the power to negate all the good reviews you’ve garnered. Bad reviews are like rumours, they grow bigger in size as they spread.

Bad reviews can not only potentially damage your reputation they can actually cause revenue loss, according to a Harvard Business School study.

So, how do you ensure that your brand has a good reputation online?

By putting into action a professionally deployed Online Reputation Management process, you can ensure that your brand is viewed in a positive light by potential and current customers.

How does Online Reputation Management work?

Our Online Reputation Management plan which implements tried and tested methods, is guaranteed to achieve results.

The 3 main objectives that we focus on achieving are:

1.            Increase the number of positive reviews and news about your brand online

2.            Eliminate or reduce the visibility of negative or disparaging remarks

3.            Improve your online search results

How do we achieve this?

We have evolved a unique methodology of tracking your online reputation by following what is being said about your brand and influencing the popularity of these online comments and reviews. Though it is not possible to prevent or eliminate negative reviews, there are ways and means of controlling the visibility of the pages which contain negative or disparaging reviews or news. Whatever is posted on the internet remains and it cannot be removed or deleted except by the person who posted it or by a moderator who controls the online forum or webpage. But what we can do is increase the popularity of the positive reviews so that these are ranked higher by search engines, so that the negative reviews are buried deeper thereby reducing their potential to cause damage.

You may have heard of the magic term ‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimization which is essentially influencing the behavior of search engines like Google so you can improve the ranking of the webpages that talk about your brand. A successful SEO program is more than just embedding keywords but employs a holistic approach and multiple tools to achieve positive results.

How our Online Reputation Management program works?

We have developed an Online Reputation Management Program that automatically tracks all existing comments about your brand, following which our panel of experts prescribes specific remedial measure to counter the negative impact and increase the popularity of positive news and reviews.

We have also developed online tools to encourage and elicit positive responses from consumers. Unlike the limited credibility of an online advertising campaign or a public relations exercise, the potential of popular opinion in influencing public awareness is inexhaustible. By engendering review and news that are better in quality and provide more in-depth information, and by increasing the number of these positive influencers and their popularity in search engine results, we can generate positive outlook and influence the way potential customers will think about you.

Reputation is of paramount importance especially for service categories that have a high level of consumer interest and therefore, pose a higher risk of disappointment or dissatisfaction in the event of the service delivery not meeting expectations. In the case of healthcare professionals and institutions, establishing a connection with a customer is usually the beginning of a long and mutually-rewarding relationship. Embark on this journey with the right kind of professional support and guidance.

Our Online Reputation Management program is designed to lay the foundation for building a great online presence.

Here are just a few of the many positive ways in which you can gain from our Online Reputation Management program.

1.            Keep track of your online presence to identify positive and negative opinions

2.            Take corrective action immediately and relegate negative news

3.            Improve search engine ranking to generate more visibility

4.            Reduce the impact of negative reviews and curtail their damage

5.            Generate and encourage positive and quality reviews

6.            Influence the quality and tone of user-generated content

7.            Increase business revenue potential from new and existing customers

8.            Protect your online reputation from unpleasant surprises

Yes Toronto Online Marketing, Please Build and Protect My Brand Credibility Through Reputation Management!