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How Many of Your Potential Customers Own an Iphone, Blackberry or Android Smart Phone?

Mobile browsing now accounts for about 25 percent of all internet use. As mobile phone use continues to expand into every area of users’ lives, you can’t afford to ignore the necessity of having a mobile-friendly website. That’s why we work with you to design a separate version of your website that’s optimized for mobile viewing.

There’s more to mobile marketing than simply importing your current website into a mobile-friendly format. Ideally, your mobile website should have a more compact and condensed look for Smartphone optimization, but it should still have a design that’s in keeping with your brand. This way, a mobile website can be your newest tool for extending your company’s reach across multiple media.

How Mobile Marketing Puts Your Small Business on the Map

For many consumers, the main application for mobile web use is to find local companies. People in search of a restaurant, barber, or locksmith in their area are about half as likely to search with their phones as they are to use their computers. This is because while people aren’t always going to be near a computer, they almost always carry their phones.

This is why you need to be able to use this vital medium to connect to as many local customers as possible. If you don’t have a mobile website, you’re missing out on hundreds of opportunities while your competitors reap the rewards. But while they’re spending thousands to build and maintain their mobile presence, you can have a sleek and easy-to-use mobile website for much less.

Our mobile package starts with creating a new design that’s exclusively for viewing on mobile devices. This involves taking your company’s brand and image and condensing it so it’s optimized for mobile viewing.

The rate also includes testing the website on several different machines. This is because no two phones are the same.  Most internet marketing companies offer a “one size fits all” approach to designing mobile websites. The result of this strategy is that you may end up with a page that’s visible on Android devices but not iPhones. That’s why our mobile website package includes design that’s compatible with virtually any mobile device.

To help you get the most out of our mobile website services, we streamline the process your customers use to connect to you. We do this by including “click to call” and “click to email” functions in our mobile design package. This eliminates the hassle of making your customers write down your number or email by allowing them to reach you with a single click.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the Mobile Market.

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