Local Marketing Toronto

Toronto Online Marketing is introducing The Most Effective Local Marketing Solution using “Google Places & Google + Local Optimization.”

As the phone book continues to become more and more obsolete, the internet is becoming the number one way for your potential customers to find your company.

If you run a small business that primarily serves local customers the best way to get your website in front of prospects in your area is to invest in a Google Places and Google + Optimization Package.

If you want to ensure your company stays successful as the marketplace changes, you need to make sure the company in charge of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is on top of what internet users are searching for in your area. And since you’re running a small business, we know your budget won’t be able to accommodate some of the outlandish fees other SEO firms charge to put your company on the map.

Our Targeted SEM Helps You Find Your Ideal Local Customers for Less

Obviously, helping companies find as many local clients as possible is big business. Most SEO companies know that small businesses are prepared to hand over big money to dominate the search rankings in their area. And why wouldn’t they? Getting to the top of Google is the modern-day equivalent of having a flashy color ad in the yellow pages.

The first thing we do when we start work on your SEM package is make sure your company is listed in Google Places. This ensures that your company is at the top of the page when people search for your preferred keyword as well as your city, region or postal code, for example ‘Plumber Toronto’.

First we analyze which categories are the best fit for your company in your area, we are able to optimize for 5 primary keywords, and a series of secondary keywords, and then we help you rank the highest in each one.

Our rates include regular research of the best keywords in your area. For instance, there are geographic areas where people are more likely to search for a “lawyer” than an “attorney,” and other places where “real estate agent” is more common than “realtor.” For this reason, choosing the wrong keywords can make or break your company’s place in the search rankings.  As well as Google Places and Google + Setup, we use advanced techniques that are rarely made public, to ensure that you outrank the competition, and drive lots of local buyers to your site!

Yes! Toronto Online Marketing, Please Perform Google Places and Google + Optimization For My Business, Attracting Local Customers And Profits.